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How does OpusChat use my Apple/ Facebook/ Google/ Email/ Phone number data?

OpusChat uses the minimal amount of information necessary for account recovery purposes. For Apple/ Facebook/ Google, that is a hashed token assigned by them (e.g. 00263.372cfff383a938858e82049d.1231)

Even though the sign-in page of Facebook/Google suggests that some additional information (such as name and photo) are released to OpusChat, we do not read nor store that information. This additional information is released to us due to a limitation of the Facebook/Google API - we simply throw away that information.

Phone number - after your phone number is confirmed, we do not store it in plain text. Instead we create a cryptographic hash value of the number which cannot be converted back to a human-readable phone number.

We will not spam you nor share your information with a third party. We only send emails or SMS to you for account recovery and verification purpose.