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A safer way to chat.

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Multiple personas. One account

Create multiple personas to manage your relationships.

E.g. family, friends, co-workers, clients, acquaintances

Control who sees what

Customized profile photo, nickname, moments - specific to each persona.

Chat. Call. Share.

100% Free. No ads

Free multimedia messaging. Free high quality, secure calls.


End-to-end encryption, with forward secrecy

Privacy matters

No phone number required

Phone number, email not required to use the app.

Preferences for each persona

Customize each persona with specific preferences e.g. no voice calls, do not disturb. Delete a persona when it’s no longer required.

We care about your digital safety

We believe not many people will stay in a free hotel in exchange for giving away their privacy. We also do not believe many people will keep using free messaging and social networking services by giving away their privacy either. At OpusChat, we will not sell nor benefit from your data. Our system runs at an incredibly low cost which allows us to offer a rich set of features to you for free. In the future, we will offer a range of premium services for a small fee or donation.