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About uploading phone books

It is completely optional whether you allow OpusChat to access your contacts. When you allow OpusChat to access your contacts, a portion of your phonebook will be uploaded. This helps OpusChat to identify whom in your phonebook are using OpusChat so that we can auto-friend them for you.

OpusChat does not share your contacts with anyone else. Only the phone numbers (not names) in your phonebook are uploaded and one-way encrypted. We don’t store these phone numbers in plain text. Instead we create cryptographic hash values which are used to match with other OpusChat users who also choose to verify their phone numbers and upload their contacts.
Note: these cryptographic hash values cannot be converted back to human-readable phone numbers.

You can always disable the permission for OpusChat to access your contacts and disable the Auto-add Friends functionality.

If you want to change the permission settings for OpusChat to access your contacts, please go to System/ App Settings.

If you want to disable Auto-add Friends, check out how to disable Auto-add Friends.