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How do I verify that my group chats are end-to-end encrypted?

All one-to-one and group chats in OpusChat are always end-to-end encrypted. This means that messages are only understood by the participants of the chat, and cannot be read by OpusChat team nor other third parties.

A group chat's end-to-end encryption mechanism can be briefly described as follows:

  • Each group message is end-to-end encrypted using a key that is unique for the sender.
  • This key is generated and shared with all group members the first time the member sends a message, using end-to-end encryption with each member individually.
  • Each time a group member leaves, all members of the group will clear their sender keys.

In summary, a group chat's end-to-end encryption mechanism does not rely on one single group key. Instead, it is based on a series of keys which are unique for each group member. As a result, there isn't a single encryption QR code for the group.