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Why does OpusChat ask me for my Apple/ Facebook/ Google/ Email/ Phone number?

When creating OpusChat, a lot of effort has been made to protect the privacy of our users. Since we do not ask you to provide your phone number when you sign up for OpusChat (to protect your privacy), we have provided a number of ways for you to associate your account, so that you could recover it when you reinstall OpusChat.

For example, if you have added your Facebook account, you could sign in with the same Facebook account on OpusChat in the future to get your OpusChat account back.

Note: chat histories will not be kept if you recover your account via these methods. If you wish to keep chat histories during account recovery, please perform a backup. Check out How to do a backup?

If you have any concerns on how your data is used by OpusChat, you can go to How we treat your data?