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Why some of the contacts in my phonebook can’t be auto-friended on OpusChat?

Your contacts must also have you as a contact in their phonebooks. Also, please check if the phone numbers you entered are correct and have included the correct country and area codes for international phone numbers.

The phone number should contain the following:
A plus sign (+) + Country code + Area code* + Phone number (omit leading 0 or special calling codes)
*Some of the countries may not have area codes

Example 1, if a contact is in Switzerland:
Country code 41, phone number 0xx xxx xx xx
You should enter +41 xx xxx xx xx.
* No area code for Switzerland
* Leading 0 is omitted

Example 2, if a contact is in the United States
Country code 1, area code 212, phone number xxx xxxx
You should enter +1 212 xxx xxxx.

Note: You can search online for the country code you need

If you are adding a local phone number to your phonebook, just enter the number the same way as you are making local phone calls.