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Message reactions

You can react to any messages in OpusChat with Emoji. The Emoji used for reaction can be seen under the message bubble.
You can only react once to each message, but you can change your reaction to a different one.
In groups, all members can see the reactions and other members can also react to the same message. You can tap the reaction Emoji below the message to view the summary of all reactions.
Push notification on message being reacted with Emoji will only be sent to the message sender.
When a message is deleted, the reaction will also be deleted.

How to add a reaction to message?
  1. Long tap a message, a few preselected Emoji will be shown.
  2. Tap one of the Emoji shown or tap "+" to select another Emoji
Note: The message sender will receive a push notification when you react to their message.

How to change my reaction?
  1. Long tap a message you reacted to.
  2. Tap a different Emoji or tap "+" to select a different Emoji

How to remove my reaction?
  1. Long tap a message you reacted to.
  2. Tap the same Emoji you reacted before to remove it.
Note: You can only remove your reaction to a message but not reacted by the others. When you remove a reaction, no notification will be sent to the message sender.