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What is an enlarged view?

You can single tap on any text messages in the chat screen to enter the enlarged view. In the enlarged text view, swiping to the left or right will go to the next or previous message.

Text messages
You can zoom in/ out to change the viewable text sizes, and copy any part of the text messages as you like.

Photos/ Videos
Tap to enter full screen mode to view photos/ videos

Voice notes
You can play the voice notes in enlarged text view

Files/ Location/ Contacts
Tap to view the contents

Message information
Under the enlarged view, the information for a particular message will be shown on the top, which includes the sender, date sent and status of the message. The status will be shown in either text or icons.
Meanings of the status:
“Received” means the message you received.
means the message you sent was sent out successfully.
means the message you sent was successfully delivered to the recipient’s device. For groups, it means the message was successfully delivered to all group members.
means message starred by you.
means you have set reminder for that message.
means the message was edited.
means the message was sent silently.